You Can’t Cuss But You Can Slur

Woman with paper pressed tightly over her mouth that reads “freedom”.

I have been slurred at countless times across all social media. Everything from Tumblr to Facebook to Twitter. Each platform of social media being exceptionally picky about what you can and cannot say. What is and isn’t “hate speech” or “offensive”.

Apparently calling men trash on Facebook is hate speech. You cannot openly criticize men on there or on their other platform, Instagram. I made a story post criticizing male musicians for being sexist towards female musicians and my account was flagged, the post taken down and my account shadow banned (which meant only my followers saw my posts, that hurt my account since I’m a poetry account).

On Twitter, you can slur until the cows come home but you can’t cuss. Also, you most certainly cannot post any sexual content anymore. This goes for all social media, including Instagram. Ever since being bought out by FB, they have been banning accounts that don’t even show any nudity. However, there are countless accounts making death threats to women, slurring at people like me with Autism, using racism against BIPOC and the list goes on.

I have tagged Twitter Safety complaining that they are not doing anything to actually make the site safe only to be ignored. Many others have done the same. They try to reach out to appeal their account only to have no reply or an automated and generic “no” reply. This does not make any of us who aren’t white cis het males safe.

Twitter of course will not hire actual humans to look into this because they don’t want to spend money. This will open jobs and the company has plenty of money as they are a billion dollar corporation. None of these corporations that have billions at their disposals will hire actual humans to take care of safety because god forbid they spend any of their precious billions.

Instead, we just have to take it because these are the only social media sites/apps we can use. Many sex workers have fled to OnlyFans which isn’t much better. OnlyFans is known to take large percentages from their sub fees and tips. Insta, Twitter and Tumblr were ways for sex workers to get clients through the door but now they can’t even do that.

I much rather see a million people masturbating saying the word fuck over and over than deal with death threats and slurs from people who think I should die for being a Queer Autistic human being.